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🎉Celebrating 2022 - A Year Of Accomplishments, Achievements and Milestones!

Dear Family, Friends, and Partners:

At Emprender Creative LLC, we are committed to helping others find their voice. As an immigrant myself and having seen firsthand the difficulties of language barriers, I understand how important it is for people to be heard in whatever language they speak natively. This year has been a great success: our team has grown with three new members and expanded into various social justice arenas - from non-profits to documentaries and political campaigns! We're excited about opening even more doors on behalf of those who have traditionally gone unheard or underserved.

💪🏼This year, our team was unstoppable! From reaching incredible heights to hitting ambitious targets, we proved that anything is possible when working together.

  • Working with Broadcom Foundation to open the doors of greater opportunity for underrepresented middle schoolers around the world by supporting STEM education and coding programs. Through their bilingual social media outreach, they are pushing for a brighter future for disadvantaged communities everywhere! The organization commits itself not only to science fairs and STEM learning initiatives but also to all 17 UN sustainable development goals - ensuring that everyone has access to STEM educational opportunities.

  • Provided translations for a documentary on the California Farm Workers' march, which stretched an epic 335 miles and resulted in victory through the passage of AB 2183, allowing farm workers to unionize by mail-in voting. This remarkable story serves as proof that even small actions can bring about meaningful change.

  • Relaunched Canta y Baila Conmigo Spanish language campaign, including a new website, content, and social media for providers, educators, and parents.

  • Managed social media for Fernanda Maria Barretto’s campaign, which won her campaign for LA Superior Court Judge - Seat 67, as one of the few Latina judges in a majority Latino community. #representationmatters 🙌🏼

  • Worked for now Los Angeles City Mayor Karen Bass’ campaign, supporting fundraising events, with her win as the first woman mayor, and second African-American to be elected.

  • Supported Spanish-language outreach for local races in 30 states, reaching 43,000 voters for #VoteLocalDay!

  • We are proud to continue our work with Yes2Jobs, providing programming that empowers Latino/a and Black students to transcend boundaries.

  • We participated in various national panel discussions on building community outreach through bi-lingual social media campaigns.

  • Maria achieved an incredible milestone in her career by earning her Launch Manager Certification! With this accomplishment, the team is now equipped with the knowledge and skills to launch successful projects.

  • We are thrilled to announce that our team has tripled in size with the amazing additions of Jessica, Graciela and Alexandra! Welcome aboard - Now 6 strong, we look forward to tackling our goals with renewed vigor and enthusiasm!

Looking ahead to a promising 2023, we are thrilled to continue collaborating with extraordinary organizations and empowering Spanish speakers in their civic duties, educational pursuits, and community engagement. As we look ahead to the New Year, let us all strive for newfound levels of excellence and accomplishment in 2023! Here's wishing you a truly remarkable year full of abundance and joy!

With Gratitude,

Maria Ochoa

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