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Helping organizations realize their vision by providing bilingual marketing services with content that is culturally targeted, impactful, and relevant to the Latinx community.


About Us


We help organizations realize their vision by providing bilingual social media management, strategy, and content marketing services with content that is culturally targeted, relevant, and impactful.


Whether you want to build engagement with day-to-day social media management, crafting a new marketing strategy to expand your audience, or developing new touchpoints and content for your team, we are here to take your message to the next level.  We help your message become more effective by approaching projects in a focused, strategic, and professional manner.   


​Emprender Creative's experience is multifaceted.   We have developed social media campaigns in support of social issues and legislative bills, which show the power of giving voice to the community.  We have developed content and targeted collaborative events and legislative action based on organizational goals.  We do the research and write the analysis to develop the most effective strategies.


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Meet The Team


Maria Ochoa

Founder, CEO, Creative

I am the owner, founder, and creative force behind Emprender Creative.  I hold a B.A. in Sociology from Aquinas College and a Master’s in Leadership Studies from North Central College. I have over 20 years of experience working with diverse populations in California and Illinois — advocating for individuals and groups. My work in social media and content creation has allowed me to continue to serve and advocate for the most vulnerable members in our communities. I value compassion, dignity, transparency, respect, and diversity.


Jessica Ochoa

Bilingual Social Media Manager

I am a skilled content creator who wears many hats. I am a coffee and Coke zero enthusiast who enjoys traveling. I have a creative passion for social media. As a content creator and as social media manager, I will be your digital ally. I can cater to your social media needs. I can get our clients to reach their full potential. I have an eye for trends, detail, and everything in between. My love for social media marketing keeps me learning new skills and growing! I got you covered, from social media management, creation, and marketing to influencer management. I can do it all




Rossyo Ortiz

Bilingual Social Media Manager

As a dedicated community advocate, nature enthusiast, and linguistics aficionado, I bring a unique blend of skills and cultural understanding to my work. With a BA in International Business and fluency in 3 languages, I am passionate about serving and empowering my local community.


Our Team

Our Services

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Social Media

We provide organic bilingual social media management,  marketing strategy, culturally targeted content, and community outreach. We specialize on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn social media accounts. 



We produce persuasive press releases, smart analysis, informative infographics, exciting emails, newsworthy newsletters, vibrant video scripts, and more…All written to your specifications.


Translation Services

Whether you need copywriting in English or Spanish, Emprender Creative will manage it for you. You’ll get top-quality content that’s written by native-born speakers, no matter your choice of language.


Project Management

We help you create a plan, including timeline, process, people, and other resources involved to help you set up, maintain, and deliver a project successfully and on time.




Our Services

Laura Velkei

We Are

Maria is wonderful! I had the privilege of working with her on when she came on to do admin for our Neighborhood Council. Maria is smart, has a strong work ethic and a thoughtful workproduct.


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We have the joy & privilege of working with amazing clients, including (current & past):

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