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"The Riches Are In The Niches"

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

We hear it ALL the time! BUT, have you really "niche" down your business? Are you offering a product, service, or interest that appeals to a small, specialized section of the population? In  business marketing, niching down means focusing on a small but well-defined segment of the market.

I started my journey of entrepreneurship years ago.  I was so excited to develop my own business.  I set up a website “The Confident OBM” offering all sorts of services, assistant, secretary, event manager… I even took meeting notes.  I was all over the place.  However, this didn’t help me get clients. It seemed to drive clients away.  By offering so many services, I couldn’t articulate what I was best at what differentiated me from so many competitors.  I realized that I could win MORE clients by offering less and focusing on what I loved doing—a scary idea, I know!

It took some serious soul searching, thinking about what I loved, and then researching who else was doing the kinds of things that I wanted to do.  I found that many people focused on one thing and became the best at it.  Earned media services, or presidential debate events, or artists, were all successful because their focus allowed them to become the undisputed champ at what they focused their energy on.  They differentiated themselves from the “pack” by offering and selling their unique talents and artistry.  

It wasn’t until my second year when I was working with a business coach through a small business grant by the Cause Forward Foundation, and she asked me what the dream for my business was, that I realized that my "niche" is in providing bilingual social media management, strategy, and content marketing services with content that is culturally targeted, relevant, and impactful to nonprofits and small businesses. I have found that researching, engaging, and creating for a bilingual audience is something I am passionate about and a much-needed service!  I relaunched my business as Emprender Creative in 2020 and since then have focused on providing a service that I love,  to an industry that needs it.  In doing so, I have doubled my client list and enjoyed every day of my work.  There have been many challenges that have come up along the way, but I can honestly say that I take each challenge with joy, welcome it, and embrace it.  I know that at the turn of any challenging situation, I find out more about myself, my skills, and my drive to move forward. 

Share with me what your "niche" is!

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